the global defi FX protocol
trade, convert, or borrow multi-currency stablecoins backed by ethereum & more

trade decentralised FX with up to 100x leverage

trade decentralised perpetuals

trade up to x100 leverage across cryptocurrencies, FX and commodities. hedge or speculate.

trade between multicurrency stablecoins
convert between currencies
convert between currencies

settle trades in your native currency, convert between non USD currency pairs, ETH and DAI and much more. easily gain access to alternate currency exposure for hedging, speculation & payments.

borrow in your local currency

mint multi-currency stablecoins, called fxTokens, across a range of alternate currencies - EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD and more. borrow in your local currency, removing FX risk and making accounting simpler.

borrow in your local currency
earn from providing protocol liquidity

stake fxTokens across trading & liquidation keeper pools to provide protocol liquidity. earn trading and liquidation fees and $FOREX rewards.


optimise utility and capital efficiency of your assets. trade and borrow against multiple collateral types.

collateral optimisation

our protocol controlled value program, ensures your collateral is put to work generating additional returns.

efficient liquidations

keeper pool based partial vault liquidations ensure only required amounts of collateral are sold to maintain c-Ratios.

$FOREX governed

the protocol token, $FOREX, underpins governance & rewards and serves as a mechanism for further underwriting ecosystem stability.

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