Trader Incentive Pool Rewards

current TIPR balance


what is TIPR?

TIPR is handle's Trader Incentive Pool Rewards program. it is designed to reward active handle traders and community members.

1 winner is drawn at a random time, every 8 hour epoch.

how do I win?

place at least one trade (open, reduce or close) on any crypto pair (forex pairs are ineligible) for at least 500 USD notional value on the handle app to be eligible for 25% of the TIPR reward.

1 trade will be randomly selected to win in each 8 hour epoch.

how do I increase my chances and rewards?

the more trades you place, the higher your chances of being awarded that period's rewards.

by meeting the bonus eligibility requirements you will be eligible to be awarded 100% of the reward pool for that period.

what are the bonus requirements?

to hold 1 or more of the following:

  • at least 500 veFOREX;
  • a t0-Trooper NFT